about bolger…

With an IT (which we don’t talk about) and International Development background, this blog is my attempt at keeping a record of my experiences in Ethiopia. It will include encounters with the people I meet, the weird and wonderful things I observe, and share insights into the work I’m doing with EMA (The Ethiopian Midwives Association).

And of course in true Bolger style, there will be plenty of ‘bad’ jokes to accompany said blog posts!

Just think Louis Theroux – Bolger style, but instead of a documentary, it’s a blog….and it isn’t written by Louis…


3 thoughts on “about bolger…

  1. I read up on what you’re doing now and yes, it does sound amazing! Good for you!
    You mentioned Louis Theroux so made me think, if you didn’t already, read Dark Star Safari by Paul Theroux ( father of afore mentioned Louis) a must for those if us that love traveling in Africa.

  2. Hi there
    I like your blog and your style. I am from Ethiopia and live in the USA now, and started blogging about it recently. It is called Abyssinianstories.com. Keep doing what you are doing, it is interesting to see other people’s perspectives!

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