Ethiopia awaits…

At last! I’m all packed (well kinda) and have a boarding pass in my hot little hands. My new adventure awaits – living in Ethiopia for the next year and a half. And I must say  I’m pretty eager to get there after the past 6 months of preparations.


After some chaotic repacking at the check-in counter at Melbourne (I somehow packed 46kgs of ‘stuff’), and some very kind fellow AVI volunteers/book-mules (thanks Sasha and Pete), I managed to smuggle on board the excess baggage. I looked ridiculous (see above) and have no idea why, after boarding 3 flights, no one once stopped me for carrying 3 bags and a yoga mat? Pfft, who says you can only take 7 kgs carry on!

Everything went smoothly, and all it cost me was a tube of vegemite that the book mules requested in return for their services. #win #istillhave2tubesleft

(Are #’s even allowed on a blog??)

So as you might have already guessed, this is my first attempt at a blog. Which given my nickname is Bolg, is kinda crazy. (Sorry, there’s going to be a lot of those puns!) I’ve spent many hours discussing with friends the right title for this blog. There’s been all kinds of suggestions that sounded clever, brilliant and witty after a few wines/beers/sherry’s/rat poison shots (Nari!), but crazily enough, when I sat down to register the blog name, they didn’t quite sound as good as they did when we came up with them.

The blog title ‘what bolger told ja’ just kinda stuck and kept topping the list as the best choice. My only issue was that I didn’t know how to spell it. Yes, such conundrums in ones life can be stressful, but after much deliberation, I think I nailed it. As you can see, I chose ‘bolger’ over ‘bolga’ and ‘ja’ over ‘ya’! Difficult decisions for a Sunday by the pool (see below), but as long as everyone pronounces it with an Aussie accent, I think it works! And will hopefully lure people into reading it…


So back to the point of this blog post, I ended up successfully boarding my 3 flights without any luggage being confiscated. Along the way I met the film crew from Dude, you’re Screwed’,  which I’m told is a ‘quality’ reality television show that does things like stage fake kidnappings in Africa (there’s just too many things wrong with that to even get into!), and I heard my new favourite dad joke from a 7 year old whilst in transit. And before I knew it – voila – here I am in Arusha, Tanzania where I’ll be undergoing 1 week of training in preparation for my AVI role with the Ethiopian Midwives Association in Addis Ababa.

I head off to Addis in 6 days (not that I’m counting) and the anticipation and excitement is growing stronger each day. I can’t wait to soak up all that Ethiopia has waiting…



p.s. I know there’ll be a few of you eager to know what my new favourite dad joke is but will be too scared to ask, so here it is:

why did the orange stop rolling?
~ because it ran out of juice!*

* joke credits to Noah (the afforementioned 7 year old)


3 thoughts on “Ethiopia awaits…

  1. Amy you left us with a heavy heart as you walked through those doors AGAIN on another adventure. I am still amazed & confused on how you off-loaded your excess baggage items, it just seems to be a pattern of your departure plan to divert me from crying at the airport!! It was so special seeing your smiling face today on Skype and now to be reading your long awaited “Blog” you sound so happy and positive and following thru on your plans. Take care and keep safe, Mum xx

  2. Love it! From MC par excellence to blogger extraordinaire! Bolg you are truly a woman of many talents! Very excited for you about your amazing adventure… can’t wait to read more!

  3. Saw your blog through facey Ames, loving it! especially the occassional dad joke gold! shall continue to stay tuned 🙂

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